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AdviceMay 2020

Health… at the heart of our work!

COVID 19 required health professionals to reflect on the fundamentals of risk prevention in medical structures.

"At Dentist Brussels, cleanliness and sterility is not new, it is part of our DNA"

From the first features of its conception, our clinic wanted to be different from the others ... This is what makes it efficient and reassuring!

We benefit from vast technical platforms, on several levels and hyper equipped.

Each treatment area is partitioned and has the latest generation equipment:

- UVC's air filtration, activated carbon and HEPA filters

- worktops and surfaces specially designed for asepsis

- home automation drawers without handles

- touch free mixers and operating lights

Our 6 waiting areas are separate (Coffee Corner, iPad Corner, Reading Corner, Playroom,...).

Our team and our patients have all the personal protective equipment (FFP2 certified masks, gloves, visors, gowns, hydroalcolic gel, etc.). Daily debriefings provide staff with continuous training in COVID-19 measurements, which evolve according to scientific discoveries.

Our UVC’s air sterilization systems, carbon filters and HEPA filters are acclaimed in the scientific literature and the press. These medical devices combine the 3 most efficient air sterilization systems! We have rare equipment (now in short supply) in each room that allows us to control the impact of aerosols.

More than ever, these “over-equipments” take on their full meaning and contribute to our well-being.

The management of appointments has also been adapted according to the most recent recommendations that you will find on the other pages of our website.

Finally, note that our secretariat is attentive to everyone and ensures that suitable and reasonable solutions are found.

We are happy to be able to provide follow-up care under rigorous conditions.

The Dentist Brussels team

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