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Why should you visit a paediatric dentist?

Why should you visit a paediatric dentist?

AdviceDecember 2018

Oral hygiene is important from an early age.

Our paediatric dentists develop relationships of mutual trust with children in a reassuring setting which has been specifically designed for their well-being. They can enjoy various play areas (magic play house, reading corner, video games) which encourage a sense of trust as soon as they arrive.

In addition to dental training, paediatric dentists study child psychology. They are trained to communicate with children in an age-appropriate way to ensure co-operation.

Paediatric dentists are best placed to monitor the growth and development of children's teeth by providing preventive care (detecting tooth decay, oral hygiene, brushing, etc.) and appropriate treatments for children’s issues (tooth decay, malocclusion, trauma).

Our specialists use a pain-free anaesthetic called Quicksleeper.

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